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Business colleague for over 20 years and worked together B2B on various projects over the years. Highly motivated, determined and professional person.

Paul Cowlishaw


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Andrew and was able to learn a lot from his wide business experience. He has a superb grasp of how to build and grow a business – he knows how to increase revenue and streamline processes. Andrew’s ability to innovate and problem solve always impressed me, and he is very tenacious and committed to attaining results. He is also good company over a beer or two! I would welcome the chance to work with Andrew again, and hope our professional paths cross again one day.

Andy Logan

Sales Specialist, Wiley

There is more to Andrew than meets the eye and I recommend that if you wish to grow your business, at the very least buy him a coffee and have a chat. At the time of writing this I’ve worked with Andrew for over six months and in a period of quite significant change he has helped me define my business objectives and ongoing plans through his processes. Not only that but he has also inspired some my marketing, given me many ideas on what is and isn’t feasible, helped define processes for the new testimonial business, introduced me to fellow businesses who could help me and also found me business. So if you are looking for someone who can help you to grow your business, I’d recommend having a chat.

Mark Edmunds


I would recommend working with Andrew. Andrew is not only an expert in his field but more importantly someone you can count on to get things done. In my experience, he has gone out of his way to help me keep my promises.

Pat McKay

Sales Manager, AVG Technologies