About Customers on DEMAND

Customers on DEMAND was founded in 2018 and set up as a sister company to Global Marketers Ltd. Customers on DEMAND is 100% focused on you as clients and getting you new LOYAL CUSTOMERS through a series of methodologies across the disciplines of Business Development, Marketing and Sales.

There is little point us telling you too much about us; it’s not about us, its all about you as clients and how we can help you achieve your financial targets and give you the freedom to do what you do best.  

We will tell you a bit about the MD if you like as he is the driving force of Customers on DEMAND and the master of minds that give us as a team the ability to deliver time and time again to our clients who love everything we do. He really does know his stuff with over 25 years of developing and growing businesses.

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Meet the MD

Name: Andrew Scott (Andy for short)

Job Title: Managing Director sometimes also known as Serial Entrepreneur or Business Magician

Nickname: Flipper, Scotty

Job Role: As Managing Director, it’s my job to maintain the growth of our company and keep the troops energised, inspired and up to date with the latest techniques and methodologies. Not forgetting everything else that goes with this like marketing to keep the work flowing, accounting so I can keep the company afloat and payroll running, Operational Duties to maintain our facilities and offices for both our team and our clients. (Ok, you have caught me out, I outsource most of this so that I have space for innovation and keeping my clients happy by getting them new customers along with my team).

Passions: I am very passionate about business success and helping others to succeed both in business and personal lives. I have an extraordinary and unusual history of Building amazing companies.  I keep my knowledge up to date with everything that’s going on in the world by being involved and staying on top of trends in the marketplace.

Random Facts: I have been playing Roller Hockey for 35 years (Yes I know, I don’t look that old) I also have a passion for Extreme Sports. However, my biggest passion is helping people in need both in person and in business.


To find out more from the man behind the business invite him out for a coffee and a chat, he never disappoints and always leaves people with some nuggets that will help you and your business flourish.

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